2020 Ford Fusion Sport, Wagon, Energi, SUV, Redesign

2020 Ford Fusion Sport, Wagon, Energi, SUV, Redesign. 2020 Ford has bad plans for all its sedans in the US. One of the victims will be the Fusion sedan. The 2020 Ford Fusion Crossover should succeed the sedan.

Bad sales lead to discontinuation, not only Fusion, but also Focus, Fiesta, and Taurus. Well, Focus already entered the bigger market with Active Crossover platform. That is exactly why the Fusion is coming as the crossover.

2020 Ford Fusion Crossover Specs

The 2020 Ford Fusion Crossover concept is still just a rumor. Since the Focus turned into such model, they believe the Fusion can do the same.

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The 2020 Ford Fusion Crossover could be either hybrid or an EV. A hybrid is the likeliest option for Fusion Crossover.

2020 Ford Fusion Crossover or Sport Wagon

The 2020 Ford also keeps the possibility to return Fusion as a sport wagon. The 2020 Ford Fusion Crossover could choose the similar way as its main competitor from Japan.

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2020 Ford will do everything to keep their well-known nameplates alive. One of them could be Fusion or its crossover version. Either way, the 2020 Ford has a lot of plans and ideas to keep Fusion in the market.

2020 Ford Fusion Crossover Release Date

Fans would like to know as soon as possible if 2020 Ford Fusion Crossover is coming. With the new Focus Active Crossover on the way, the Fusion could join it in 2020.