2021 Ford Courier Specs, Price, Redesign, and Release Date

2021 Ford Courier Specs, Price, Redesign, and Release Date. The new 2021 Ford Courier is the latest model by the US carmaker we spotted on streets. Heavily camouflage is hiding almost everything. One thing is sure– Ford is developing the all-new compact truck. It will be smaller than Ranger. The size of the Courier is still unknown, but we believe it will be a unibody pickup for the urban drive.

2021 Ford Courier Release Date

The main advantage we can already notice is that 2021 Ford Courier will have no competition. With all other truckmakers reconsidering the business in the mid-size segment, the Blue Oval company is a step ahead. On the other hand, it is impossible to predict how will buyers feel about the new arrival. Serious truckers are considering mid-size models as compact vehicles. Now, the Courier will move boundaries in the segment.


The new 2021 Ford Courier was already spied for a couple of times. Its debut is getting closer. Images of the test mule are not showing too much. It seems like the new pickup is going to have similar dimensions to the Ford Edge. The overall length of the SUV is 190 inches and the wheelbase is 112 inches. Compared to Ranger, that is 20 in shorter body and 15 inches less for the wheelbase.

2021 Ford Courier Spy Photos

The rest of the body is heavily covered, so it is not easy to say what will 2021 Ford Courier look like. The only interesting thing we saw was the all-terrain tires. Is that Courier Raptor? Of course not. The pickup will be a city truck and for all other purposes, you will have to consider some larger unit.


The new 2021 Ford Courier will be reportedly based on the new Focus hatchback. Having that in mind, we believe it will use either 1.5-liter or 2.0-liter engines. On the other hand, there are some indications the new compact truck is getting a hybrid drivetrain. This is a logical outcome since the company is after the best fuel economy. A hybrid or PHEV can deliver it. We will have to be patient to hear the official statement about the 2021 Courier. Test mules are there, experts and fans are already trying to figure out what will happen, but the only truth is still a mystery. Ford will unveil it in the first quarter next year, with the possible premiere of the new pickup in Chicago.

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2021 Ford Courier Concept


The 2021 Ford Courier is going to be the mini truck. Agile and versatile, it will serve for local deliveries in urban areas. Not too capable to tow, but you will still be able to use its bed better than the storage area in compact crossovers. If you had to haul an oversized item, you know how difficult it could be to fit into a small model. Now, Ford is testing a new platform. The truck will be based on the same architecture as the new Focus. We could hear the company is discontinuing it, but the car is getting a new run. To survive, all sedans will need some radical changes. The new concept is an indicator of these modifications. These vehicles will have to offer more than before to beat the competition.

The new truck is already on the streets. Spy photos are not showing too much. We can see the vehicle that is inspired by the Focus hatch. The 2021 Ford Courier is far away from the production model. Everything is under development. We can only compare the visible parts to existing models, and these are mostly sedans and cars. Some say that concept will use features from the upcoming Ford Bronco. This is obviously speculation. Bronco’s release date is just around the corner, and we still don’t know much about it.


Let’s see what are possible engine options for the 2021 Ford Courier. We suppose the towing capacity of the compact pickup truck will be around 1,000 or 1,500 pounds. For this kind of vehicle, that is enough. The test mule shows a dual exhaust system. Where else we could see it? On vehicles using a 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbo-four engine. This one is good for 250 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. The Edge SUV that uses it can tow more. What about the naturally-aspirated 2.5-l engine? It fits excellent to the compact Escape crossover. With 170 hp and 170 lb-ft of torque, it seems like a more suitable option for the Courier truck. It’s gas mileage is also superb.

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Ford chiefs were not clear, we would write off the 2022 model. The test mule is already out. If it doesn’t fulfill expectations, we doubt the US company will invest a lot into its further development. The Blue Oval company is not going to leave a breath to its rivals and a chance to develop their own mini pickup. The 2021 Ford Courier is the more likely option, although the prototypes are far away from the production shape. In the next few months, we expect the confirmation of these rumors as well as the first price indications.


We already mentioned the major pro. Without rivals, the 2021 Ford Courier will have all buyers for itself. On the other hand, we believe there won’t be too many customers interested in such a vehicle. Crossovers and SUVs are killing all other classes with their versatility. The new Courier will hardly offer something we can’t find on Ford Escape or Edge. The compact truck is definitely going to be fuel-friendlier than its bigger siblings. On the other hand, it won’t be able to tow as much as Ranger or F-150. When you need to load something in urban areas, Courier will be more suitable for such tasks. Smaller dimensions allow easier parking, while its handling will be much better than for the large pickups.