2021 Toyota Supra Redesign, Rumors, Specs, and Price

2021 Toyota Supra Redesign, Rumors, Specs, and Price. Last year was great for 2021 Toyota Supra, that is for sure. Since the first prototype was driven on last auto shows, the first impressions were great and promise high interest for this car. It is important to mention similarities with BMW sporty cars since both are made in the same factory and novelties in the engine.


Making 2021 Toyota Supra as a race car, the manufacturer has offered few great engine versions for that purpose. All engines, though, are taken from BMW vehicles. Base model could have 2.0-liter petrol unit made in two versions, and the strength of 195 horsepower and 225 horsepower. There should be also 3.0-liter petrol unit with strength higher than 300 horsepower. There is a hybrid engine paired with an electric one, already seen on competitors, which could be the strongest and most powerful electric engine on the market. The model has an eight-speed automatic transmission, while the manufacturer is considering replacing it with a manual one (or at least offered as an option). Do not forget rear wheel driving system, like on Toyota 86, which, along with the 50:50 weight distribution provides a faster car.

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Dimensions And Weight

Length (in.) 192.7.
Overall width73.0.
Curb Weight lbs.3,397.

Engine And Transmission.

Engine type4 and 6.
Displacement2.5-litre, 3.5-litre V6.
Power/torque203 hp @ 6600.
Estimated mpg22/32.
0-60 mphN/A.
Top speedN/A.

PRICE RANGE: $23,645 starting msrp, $35,000 dealers.


There is a new engine under the hood.
The model is fully redesigned.


There are no many things in the cabin.
Prices were extremely high.


The design of the 2021 Toyota Supra is fully opened to the sporty and racing usage of the car. It means more aerodynamic details, short and sharpens front end, along with the lowered roof and larger tires. The rear end is short and also sharpen, with curves on the trunk door and thin spoiler that provides stability. It will surely be important for a sporty car like this.


The cabin in 2021 Toyota Supra is made to be similar to the other sporty cars on the market. It includes large space for the driver and passenger, but the cabin is surely adapted to driving performances. There are no such things in term of technology, at least the manufacturer has not said much about that. We are sure that they know how important is to make a model fully adapted to racing cars.

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2021 Toyota Supra Release Date and Price

The manufacturer said that 2021 Toyota Supra will not be a cheap car at all. The base model could cost around $49,000 with the 3.0-liter engine under the hood. Luckily, the model with the six-cylinder engine could cost slightly lower. The final version is already released so you are able to order a version of it. It is interesting that the first unit was sold for an amazing $1,2 million donated in charity. Do not worry, other buyers that are no collectors will be able to have their version for much less money.