2021 VW Golf R: Release Date, Review, Specs, and News

2021 VW Golf R: Release Date, Review, Specs, and News. We finally have some spy shots of a 2021 VW Golf R. It was about time to get them since it is a mid-cycle update for the seventh generation. It’s not only about the R version, but the entire generation is also going through a mild redesign. As we got to know, the exterior is going to have some hardly noticeable changes, while you should expect a serious makeover or at least an update for the interior.

The VW Golf R should be noticeably different, especially in the rear area, because it also has a wagon edition. The other differences are mainly in the bumpers, high gloss black rear diffuser, quad exhaust tips finished in chrome and a roof-mounted spoiler.

2021 VW Golf R Exterior

One of the things, even the factory workers in VW have to say about the 2021 VW Golf R exterior and the basic option, in general, is that they didn’t notice anything new. There are some cosmetic details like slightly different headlights or LED and halogen headlights to be precise. The taillights are different too and updated with LED units. There will possibly be some additional, bigger wheels and side skirts and spoilers because this is a performance edition.

2021 VW Golf R Interior

Well, the real magical change is going to happen in the 2021 VW Golf R interior You will see some different colors and quality of the interior fabrics. The dashboard is going to be updated with a huge 9.2″ screen to control the infotainment system. There are rumors that it will be a gesture control screen (even from some larger distance, like the back seat position), and a cluster gauge screen. That one is possibly going to be a “virtual cockpit” taken straight out of the Audi TT. Lower trim levels will have to be satisfied with the 6.5″ or a midlevel 8.0-inch screen.

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Of course, the audio system is the Volkswagen Car-Net Premium audio system. There will be a performance monitor included and a SiriusXM satellite Radio with 3 months trial subscription.

Expect enough room for your head and legs, inside and advanced safety and driver assistance systems. Something like adaptive cruise control (not an autopilot option) is possible. It would have an option for stop and go assistance at speeds up to 40mph. That means that you won’t have to worry about traffic jams.

You can just let your car drive on its own. It would detect the vehicle in front of you and stop. When that vehicle moves, your 2021 Golf R will move too. Others systems like a pedestrian, obstacle, and traffic sign detection, and recognition, all very likely to be implemented, together with a trailer assistance system and a rearview camera.

The combination of luxury and sports design is guaranteed in this VW Golf R interior. There will be an option for suede and premium leather bucket style, sports seats, with lumbar support. The seats are going to be heated and ventilated. That will be a large, bolstered design.

2021 VW Golf R Engine

The 2021 VW Golf R engine is going to be an unchanged version of DCC and Nav 2.0 liter inline 4 TCI with 292hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. Acceleration from 0 to 60 takes less than 5 seconds tamed and controlled with 6-speed manual transmission and 6-speed dual-clutch units. The 4MOTION is coming back too. It is an all-wheel-drive system with transfers the torque between the front and back wheels. When you drive normally, you have all the power on the front part of the vehicle, but when you want to get “nuts” the power goes to the rear of all of the wheels if needed.

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The diesel variant, for the “vanilla” model, is quite possible. It is a possibility everywhere except in the U.S. We don’t think that diesel is going to be a “thing” in the States, anywhere soon.

2021 VW Golf R Release Date and Price

Judging by the state of the vehicle, you can see the spy photos, the 2021 VW Golf R release date should be expected somewhere at the end of 2020. We don’t have any prices in mind, but it shouldn’t be much different than the current model. There will be some updates inside, and that electronics can only raise the price by two grand at most. The 2021 VW Golf R price will go over $47,000 MSRP after the changes take place. More info: 2021 Highlander release date.

2021 VW Golf R Summary

The news about the 2021 VW Golf R, came suddenly. Nobody expected to see the R variant version first but there you go. The R variant or the wagon version was first to show its camouflage colors on the roads of Europe. That immediately brought up a question about the regular sports version of 2021 VW Golf R. Everything we know for certain is that the exterior will remain practically the same and so will the engine. The interior is going to become a small cinema, with a huge touchscreen and infotainment system. That immediately shouts for some new materials and quality stitching.

As soon as we get some new details, you are going to be informed.