2022 Lincoln Town Car Comeback: Everything We Now so Far

2022 Lincoln Town Car Comeback: Everything We Now so Far. The all-new 2022 Lincoln Town Car is a luxury sedan that should arrive later next year. This iconic model was present since the 80s. After 30 years of production, Town Car was discounted. Now, speculated comeback could become true. On the other hand, Town Car doesn’t fit in Lincoln’s plan for the future.

2022 Lincoln Town Car Interior

The same plan says that the manufacturer will focus on the crossovers and SUVs only. For that reason, some cars are already killed. The 2022 Town Car could be a luxury variant that could find its place in a world dominated by SUVs and pickup trucks.

Exterior Design

If the comeback rumors are true, one thing is certain. The upcoming 2022 Lincoln Town Car will look no way near the previous-gen model. This sedan will get all-new exterior features and styling will be impressive. The new platform is a must so we can expect small dimensional changes as well. As for the appearance, the Town Car will get new bumpers, modern grille, and very stylish headlights.

2022 Lincoln Town Car Specs

The back of the vehicle will sport stretched taillights that will wrap into the trunk. Aerodynamics will be better, no doubt about it. However, the ultimate goal is to deliver a luxury car that will look sophisticated and classy.

Interior Features

The interior will be equally stylish or even more. The forthcoming 2022 Lincoln Town Car will get a very unique cabin design packed with modern features. We can expect traditional wood accents combined with the modern chrome trims. All of the materials from the inside will look premium and high-quality. Soft-touch surfaces are a must for this luxury sedan as well.

2022 Lincoln Town Car Powertrain

The modern world requires modern features inside the vehicle. For that reason, Lincoln will opt for large 8-inch touchscreen. That, the manufacturer will introduce new infotainment system, phone integrations and much more. Stainless materials are available as standard and we like the rumors about the rear privacy glass.

Speculated Engine Options

Under the bonnet, new 2022 Lincoln Town Car will most likely offer a 3.5-liter EcoBoost. This specific unit produces 350 hp and 370 lb-ft of torque. It comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Some rumors are even suggesting a smaller displacement with less power.

Knowing that this EcoBoost output could be an optional engine. All-wheel-drive setup will be optional and new platform will support front-wheel-drive configuration. A 2.7-liter V6 is a known engine that could also get some sort of electrification, possibly a hybrid variant.

How Much For a 2022 Lincoln Town Car?

The brand-new 2022 Lincoln Town Car will start somewhere in range of $40,000. The starting price could be even higher, but not drastically. This luxury sedan will offer three trim levels but even the base model is more than well-equipped. The range-topping trim that will cost over $55,000 will be a thing of luxury. Lincoln will release its iconic model once again, later in 2020. It will be interesting to see how this sedan will find its place in the luxury-car segment.

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Exterior Design

We can call this new generation of Lincoln Town sedan as Lincoln Continental because the exterior design really looks so classy and modern. This sedan really looks fantastic in white body coating that seems so shiny and adorable. Meanwhile, the mirrors use tiny design along with its transparent black windows. The tail looks so short to resemble a sporty car. The front lights look so masculine with its LED light. Overall, this new sedan from Lincoln Town car series really looks attractive for a young executive user.

Interior Updates

The new 2020 Lincoln Town Car will use modern concept for the interior design. It starts with the seating. The seats are coated with very soft material in white accent. It can really provide a real comfort during driving. The headrest is also enough to make your head comfortable. Meanwhile, the seats can load four passengers. When you check the dashboard, it really looks outstanding with modern features. There is a touchscreen display to control multimedia along with some functional buttons. In addition, the wheel also looks elegant and comfortable to grip. Overall, the white and black accent on the interior really makes this car look so futuristic and classy.

Engine Specs & Performance

What about the engine? This is the most important part when you want to have a new car, especially if you want to have the 2020 Lincoln Town Car. The basic model of Lincoln Town Car 2020 will use the 2.7-liter V6 engine. It is also equipped with a turbocharging system. Of course, this engine can make this sedan so powerful. It is known that this engine can produce 360 HP with 380 lb-ft of torque. Meanwhile, the transmission used is not different from the previous series. The speed of this car may reach up to 130mph. We have no idea if the Upcoming Lincoln Town Car will also equip V8 engine. We only need to wait until the official release.


In general, the 2020 Lincoln Town Car has some attractive features that you may also find in many sedans. If we see it from the exterior, you can see the back part that has a large trunk to load many belongings. It also has attractive lights with a modern look. When we get inside the cabin, you can also find an audiovisual system to support entertainment. The most interesting thing that you can get from this car is the leather quality of the seating which really feels comfortable and futuristic.

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A safety feature is also an important part that you have to know. As usual, this car is also completed with airbags to avoid head injury during an accident. There are so some sensors installed to help the driver. Seat belts are also available for the entire chairs to protect passengers. We can not confirm other safety features included because this car is not released yet. However, you are no need to worry because this car will get a huge upgrade with so many additional features.

2020 Lincoln Town Car Release Date

Talking about the release date, nobody knows when this 2020 Lincoln Town Car will be released. Many people hope that this car will be released soon, but some rumors say that this car may be released in the last quarter of 2019. If it is true, this can be your great chance to have the new model from Lincoln Town Car in order to see the changes. So, you only need to wait for the release until next year. You can update some new information about this car release.


The price is also still unknown because the officials do not confirm the production yet. However, when this car is finally released, you will immediately notice the price. Will it be so expensive? Maybe, if we compare it to the previous model, this 2020 Lincoln Town Car may be more expensive because it is totally new and futuristic. There is no rumor about the price yet and we can not assume it. Hopefully, this new generation of Lincoln Town car will be affordable for the general community.

In conclusion, it seems that the 2020 Lincoln Town Car will become a favorite option for those who are looking for a new futuristic sedan. It can be seen from the complete features offered. Even though it is not released officially yet, some Lincoln car lovers really hope that maker will release it soon. But, you have to wait for it because it will not be available in early 2019. Moreover, there are so many things that we do not know about this car. What are the new features? It is all just our opinion because we hope something bigger and more interesting.