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Recommended App Low Interest Online Loans

The trend of online loans is quite popular nowadays. Online loans with low interest rates are a major consideration for those who need quick money. Therefore, check out the following recommendations for companies that provide low interest online loans.

Julo App
Julo is a fairly popular online loan provider with low interest rates and has obtained an OJK license from the Indonesian Financial Services Authority. Julo provides loans ranging from Rp. 1 million to Rp. 8 million with a low interest rate of 0.53% per day. install apps here
To be able to get a loan from Julo, the only requirements needed are an ID card and proof of income. Taking money in this application itself can be done through the Julo application by registering and completing the data first.

Dana Rupiah Apps
The second online loan solution is Dana Rupiah. This company provides loans with a low interest rate of only 1% per day. Just like Julo, the requirements needed to take a loan with Dana Rupiah are an ID card and proof of income.
Loans can be made through the Dana Rupiah application which can be downloaded directly from the Playstore and Apple Store. Next, register and complete your personal data. If you feel it is complete, select the loan amount and wait for the application to be approved until it is sent to your account.

Jenius Flexi Cash Apk
The next low interest online loan is Jenius Flexi Cash. This service of one of the digital banks makes it easy for borrowers with low interest rates, which are around 1.75% to 2.25% per month. The advantage of borrowing from Jenius Flexi Cash is that there are no administration fees when applying.
The steps that need to be done in order to take a loan with this company are to download the application first on the Playstore or Apple Store. Next, register and complete your personal data. The last step is to apply for a loan and wait for the funds to be sent to the account.

FinMas Application
FinMas is the next recommendation for an online loan company with the convenience of low interest rates. The interest rate set for loans on this application is 0.31% per day.
The loan process at FinMas can be done very easily. For the first step, make sure the FinMas application has been downloaded via Playstore or Apple Store. Next, register and complete your personal data by verifying your ID card and applying for a loan.

Smart Credit Android App
Kredit Pintar is also one of the companies providing online loans with low interest rates and has been registered and supervised by OJK. Loans with this company can be made up to Rp. 20 million rupiah with a low interest rate of around 14.5% a year without any collateral.
The requirements needed to take a loan from this company are having an ID card, being 20 years old and having an income. Just like the previous online loan providers, the stages are also carried out through the application.

Kredivo App play store
The last option is Kredivo. Kredivo is an application service developed by PT FinAccel Finance Indonesia. This service is very unique where Kredivo can provide interest installments of up to 0% if the loan is made within 30 days to 3 months.
However, if payments are made in a longer time span, namely 6 to 12 months, the interest borne is also still relatively low, at only 2.6%. On Kredivo, borrowers can take loans of up to Rp. 30 million.
Of the many low interest online loan platforms discussed above, which one is the best recommendation for you. You can first study the offers provided by each platform, then register.

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